2019 "GRAVITAS by Bravus" Non-Alcoholic Barrel-Aged Bourbon Stout (Pre-Order)

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You read that right...let us introduce "Gravitas by Bravus,"  the world's first non-alcoholic Barrel-Aged Bourbon Stout and winner of this year's Bronze Medal at the Great American Beer Festival. This is an extremely limited release with only about 50 cases being produced. The beer is hand-bottled, hand-capped and hand-labeled so this being a "labor of love" is an understatement. We brewed this one with a ton of coffee, chocolate, and maple syrup making this an extremely decadent Stout. 

***Sold in 16 oz. bottles, limit (2) per customer.  Ships on or before December 16th (to arrive in time for December 25th) and shipping is FREE!