Sip and Savor: Four Beer and Food Pairings for those Hot Summer Days

Sip and Savor: Four Beer and Food Pairings for those Hot Summer Days

With the days growing ever longer and the temperatures beginning to rise, most of us will find ourselves spending more time outside, whether it's in our backyards, in the park, or down at the beach. There'll be plenty of opportunities for barbecues, picnics, and dinners out on the patio, and you'll definitely want something to wash down all that great food.

The answer? Why a perfectly chilled craft beer, of course. So without further ado, these are our top beer and food pairings to see you through the summer.

Raspberry Gose Goes Great with the Grill

The heady combination of sweet and tart Raspberry Gose makes it a versatile beer when it comes to beer and food pairings. The next time you fire up your grill, this is the can you'll want to reach for. Not into meat? Those tangy tones and raspberry flavor will work beautifully with the citrusy brightness of ceviche, shrimp tacos with mango salsa, or some fresh goat cheese crumbled over a green salad.  

IPA Beats the Heat

Here's a little secret we're going to share with you. The natural hoppy, bitter profile of our IPA works wonders for taming the heat in spicy dishes. It's also phenomenal with fried foods. Our top pick has to be IPA and Nashville hot chicken. But because IPAs are so good with spicy fare, you could serve this killer brew with an Indian or Thai curry. If chili heat isn't really your thing, our IPA hits all the right notes when served with fish and chips or a vegetarian (or vegan-friendly) pizza.

Amber Ale, the Pit Master's Choice

There are very few dishes that won't go with our Amber Ale. With notes of caramel, biscuit, and sweet dried raisins. But it's summer which means it's BBQ season, and our amber ale is here for it. Since amber ale's caramel notes play incredibly well with cheddar, a cheeseburger should be your first port of call, but ribs slathered in a sweet barbecue sauce, smoked sausages, and grilled chicken will all do the trick. For the vegetarians out there, enjoy our amber ale with a spicy black bean chili.

Blonde Ale and Light Bites

It's hot outside, and you want to sip a little something to help you beat the heat. Pop open a can of our Blonde Ale. The crisp, light green apple, banana, and citrus notes in our Blonde Ale are refreshing. The lightly fruity profile makes this beer pair well with buffalo wings, bratwurst, nachos, vegetable kebabs – any of those tasty lighter bites you might encounter at a summer bash.

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