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The Gift Dad Wants: Happy Father's Day!

Welcome back to the one time of the year where your dad gets to be the center of attention. Mom had her turn last month and the kids have relinquished their hold on mom’s attention just for the day. You know what that means… Dad, this is your day to ask for what YOU want!

Father’s Day is the most special day your dad gets to celebrate because it comes with privileges. His birthday may be fun, but with Father’s Day comes a sense of having earned the celebration.

Everyone has a birthday, but not everyone is a dad…

So, this Father’s Day, we suggest using your hard-earned dad privileges to ask for Bravus Beer.

We all know you’d rather be drinking beer than dealing with the in-laws all day anyway, but with Bravus, there is no danger of making a fool of yourself in front of the fam. Bravus Brewing Co.’s non-alcoholic craft beer has award-winning flavor and unique characteristics that make it the perfect gift for your dad, brother, and grandfather.

Our brews are consistently praised for tasting like regular alcoholic beer. Plus, our specifically designed packaging makes any beer drinker feel proud to hold a Bravus brew. With our brews, there’s no longer a need to hide your non-alcoholic beer label out of fear of facing personal questions.

If anything, drinking a Bravus beer deters nay-sayers and attracts positivity. Bravus brews are generally healthier than alcoholic beer, there are a wide variety of flavors which make sure everyone can find a taste they love, and our seasonal releases ensure there’s a perfect-tasting brew for you summer, spring, winter and fall celebrations.

For the perfect Father’s Day beer, try our seasonal Blood Orange IPA. The citrus orange-y flavor pairs perfectly with seafood at brunch and vanilla ice-cream on the beach. A cold glass of this stuff under the hot summer sun is the perfect way to celebrate with family.

Cheers to all the Bravus dads out there! We wish you a very happy Father’s Day.

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